Autonomous Car Trouble I'm noticing an aspect of the discussion around autonomous cars that's a little unsettling because it underlines an attitude I'm struggling to come to grips with in my own beady little mind. Devil's advocacy without a strong focus on solutions. Look, we don't always have solutions. We do need critical voices to point out... Continue Reading →


Dogz in the club

A video is worth ten thousand words.

(Why am I posting on this particular subject? because maybe other people in total hip replacements will find it helpful. Because my hip is fake as vox day.) I have only skimmed a few of the articles this search turned up, but I think I found the most useful information about how to increase the... Continue Reading →

Virginia Kids, Illinois Snow

And unseasonably deep and cold Illinois, too. While we've been visiting family this last month, it has been more like December than November. I haven't gotten this much cold and snow all at once since my family left Wisconsin when I was 11. It has been a nice walk down nostalgia lane, and great fun... Continue Reading →

Let Me Explain All The Ways This is Awful I heartily encourage you, especially creatives but frankly¬†absolutely everyone, to¬†INSTANTLY¬† BLOCK ON SIGHT any individual or organization that posts anything at all like this. Because they're g*dd*mn thieves and sh*tbirds. They deserve nothing but to go out of business in the worst possible way. And I hope the a**holes who came up with this... Continue Reading →

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