UPDATE Jan. 11th: Hunger is now available on for the Kindle crowd.

Hunger is a medium-length collection: 8 stories, about 34,000 words.

Hunger was one of those things that should have been finished a few weeks before it was actually finished.  The lead story, The Mask of Sisyphus, wasn’t originally supposed to be part of it.  But I looked at the anthology with 7 stories and it needed something.  It needed more words, for one thing!

The Mask of Sisyphus was perfect.  Weighing in at a meaty 9,800 words–novelette territory–it’s just what I needed.  And who doesn’t like a good story about a worker in a near-future fast food hell challenging his corporate masters?  I don’t think anyone could pass that up.

Other stories in Hunger take you into the mind of a hopeless alcoholic of tomorrow, show you the dangers of genetically engineering chickens, reveal the dreams locked within mystical tomatoes eaten by a lonely widower, and more.


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