Persistent Impatience

Yesterday I tweeted about how annoying it is that persistence does not pay off immediately.  Well, it’s true.  Persistence is a challenge for me.  It’s probably a challenge for you too.  I’m under the impression that it’s a challenge for pretty much everyone, so I’m not going to try to claim that I’m a special little snowflake.

Snowflake special slush

I am, of course, a hyper little snowflake.  My problem, most of the time, is jumping from idea to idea rather than coming up with ideas in the first place.  So when I stick with something for a while, I start to feel like the world owes me a reward.  Quickly.  Right now.

That’s a big mistake, of course.  I’m pretty sure the world doesn’t feel like it owes any particular person anything in particular.  No matter how frustrated I might be at the fact, things take time.   My writing is taking time to grow.  Well, anything does.  Plant a seed and you have to wait for the harvest.  And there’s plenty of watering and weeding between one and the other.


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