What the Duck is a Fonut?

You’d think that the title is doing that little ‘exchange letters so the naughty word is camouflaged but not really’ thing, but you’d be wrong.

Apparently, there is a thing that someone somewhere is calling a ‘fonut‘.  It looks like a donut, but instead of being fried in oil, it is steamed or baked.

Call me crazy, but I think we already have a good word for this.

It’s a… okay, listen carefully, I don’t want to be misunderstood…  IT’S A CAKE.  And whoever made up the not-so-cutesy name ‘fonut’ that sounds awfully pretentious to me should be appraised of this.

You make little cakes.  Stop trying to sound important and visionary.  You’re not.  You make cake.

Just make good cake and be happy about it.


2 thoughts on “What the Duck is a Fonut?

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  1. Nice one. I like the way you think. Thanks for the follow on twitter. Feel free to read my poetry on redbubble and let me know what you think. I’m not a professional writer like you, but I did write a chapter in a book way back for a work for the dole scheme, lol. Didn’t get any royalties from it, so it doesn’t count. Funny thing though, I saw a copy 10 years after we wrote it, in a book shop, so someone is making money from it. You gotta love the way unemployed people get exploited, NOT. Anyway Keep up the excellent blog, and writing projects, and hit me up if you need something written that’s more like my poetry. I’m easy enough to find if you need me.

    1. Well, shoot. If your work was good enough for the state to steal and publish (which is how that scheme sounds to me, in my opinion), then I’d have to guess what you’re writing is probably good enough to talk someone into paying for it proper.
      In any event, thanks for the comment and the heads up on the poetry. 🙂

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