Getting Over Being Profound

Sometimes I bog down on my blogging or my fiction writing through a desire to be profound.  Lots of people want to be profound.  We want people to pay attention to us, we want to be important, we want to be recognized.  More to the point, I want to be important and paid attention to.  Especially paid; I am attempting to earn some money through my writing and I find the notion of being paid to write attractive.

But I was talking about getting over being profound.  I have a bit of perfectionist in me, so I want everything I say or write to be profound.  In fact, I have more than a bit of that perfectionist in me.  But the fact of the matter is, nobody is profound all of the time.  Wanting to be profound, to be perfect, holds a lot of people back from doing what they dream about doing, from chasing their dreams.  Because failing is scary, and the possibility of being laughed at is really scary.

Take a minute and look at some people whose work you respect, who you think caught at least a little bit of their own dreams, who have had some success.  Take a look at Bob DylanRobert Frost, Isaac Asimov, Ansel Adams, Andrew Wyeth, anyone else who took a flying leap at some corner of the world of the arts and did good.

Was everything they did profound?  No.  Some of it was good, some was amazing and profound, some of it was not so good.  In fact, some of it sucked.  They were successful in large part because they kept doing what they did even when someone said it sucked.

That’s a lesson so obvious that most of us have ‘learned’ it hundreds of times over.  We’ve heard it in one form or another so often that it has ceased to be meaningful signal and has become noise.

It’s not noise.  Stop hearing it and listen to it.


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