A Modest Milestone -or- I’m Not Sure I Should Be Advertising This

So, one of my ebooks has broken the top 100,000 on Amazon with a sales rank somewhere around 85,000.

Usually, authors don’t regale you with tales of their sales until they’re on the NYT bestsellers list or they can tell you they’re number one.

But I’m starting from zero, and although I’m not naive enough to think that breaking 100K on Amazon is a ticket to the big time, I am hopeful enough to think that it might be the start of bigger and better things.

Now, usually my reaction to a itty bitty sign of success, be it the growing sales rank of a story I like very much, or something else like the first radish shoots of the season in my garden, is not immediately joy as you might think.  My first reaction is impatience, which I think is a very Murican reaction.  I’ve grown to recognize this reaction as not such a good thing, as overdramatic and melodramatic.  So when I looked and saw this story gaining traction and starting to sell faster than my others, I took that impatience, told it to please be quiet and go sit down, and wrote a blog post instead.

A better reaction to a bit of positive news is a smile.  Writing a couple of hundred words about it has helped me to smile instead of complain.

If you happen to buy a copy of this story, Out of the Cold, from Amazon for 99 cents, so much the better.

Edit 2/2/13:  My, ratings can shift quickly. Out of the Cold has dipped back below the 100,000 ranking.  It was fun while it lasted; we’ll see if it isn’t back up in the ratings soon.  My bet is that it will be.


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