Disclosure: Troythulu is an old friend; I have known him for many years. I have no doubt that he is predisposed to look favorably upon my work. I also have no doubt that if he saw grave errors or missteps he would tell me about them. In my experience, he understands the value of feedback, positive or constructive, in the creative world.

The Call of Troythulu

I’ve written on S. A. Barton’s fiction before in my review of his tale “Dark” and his unusual brand of (sometimes) science-fiction, often involving near-future or recent-past settings. This is an anthology of five short stories, each with its own chapter, and the fourth itself with 5 chapters.

Chapter 1, Go Into The Light, is a nice twist on the alien abduction theme, in which the protagonist is…rescued…in an unusual way, and without the classic embarrassing medical examination, by an alien intelligence working to investigate humanity for its strange masters. There’s no leeway for UFO conspiracy theorists here, with no suggestion of any earthly governments’ awareness of the aliens, a species apparently new to humanity’s existence. I won’t tell you what the intelligence does with the people it rescues. Spoilers!

Chapter 2, Baby Wipes, is an neat little account of what happens in a multiverse of infinite possibilities when human…

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