One of Those Days

It’s just one of those days.

Roughly 8 hours ago, I thought to myself: it’s been a couple of days, I should put up a nice blog post.  Maybe something topical, maybe something science-fiction-y.  Maybe something about one of my stories, like the excerpt of a work in progress I did a couple of entries back.

Instead, I’m writing a Seinfeldian post, by which I mean a blog post about nothing.  Don’t worry, even something about nothing is still something, not nothing.  I think.

In any event: it has been one of those not-too-productive days where what I really want to do is to be a complete slacker.  Only I know from experience that if I just sit around like a sessile lifeform all day, I will regret it when I roll into bed at the end of the night.

And I know from extensive personal experience that mooning over regrets is one of the least productive things it is possible for a human being to do.

So, blog ideas not forthcoming, I decided to tinker with an old story idea that I had put aside months ago and tinker with it to see if I could breathe some new life into it.  Maybe I did; in any event, I now have some jots and scribbles about how to proceed with a maybe-interesting idea where I didn’t before.  It has now moved from my ‘unformed ideas’ pile to my ‘want to take a stab at writing this soon’ pile.  That’s productive.

Now I’m writing the blog entry I was too uninspired to write.  Double progress.

And I’m pretty sure I know how to finish that ‘Speed Glacier’ story I excerpted here.  As I mentioned earlier.  Triple progress.

Not too bad for one of those days.


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