Stupid News: Gun School

Today I stumbled upon a news story in which a 7 year old was suspended for school for chewing a pop-tart-oid into the shape of a gun.  According to the story, the boy did not point it any anyone, did not make gun noises… just chewed one corner off.

That struck me as being pretty ridiculous.  And then I thought a little more, about common architectural forms, and then did a little googling.  Here’s what I came up with.

Gun School


See that white part of the structure in the middle of the three brown sections?

Yeah.  The school that suspended a kid for chewing a pastry into a gun shape looks like a gun.

So why was the kid suspended?  That school needs to be suspended from school until it can stop looking like a gun.

Yes, what I’m saying is ridiculous.  But is it any more ridiculous than disciplining a child for eating the corner off of a pop-tart-oid?


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