This Ought to be Interesting

So, tomorrow I begin final preparations to load myself onto a Greyhound bus and head from Norfolk, VA to Washington, D.C. for a school thingiee.  This ‘thingiee’ will last a week and will involve attending lectures, role-playing exercises meant to build skills to use in mental health counseling, being videotaped, meeting with academic advisors, and plenty of other stuff.

Since my means are humble (read: my family lives close to the belt and has little to spare beyond meeting a modest set of bills that keep a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and the internet we need to attend online classes and for me to publish new ebooks), this will be a trip on a shoestring.

I’ll be staying in a hostel because D.C. hotel prices that’s why.  I’ll be taking the Metro across town because this thingiee takes place in the Crystal City section of Arlington nearby, and the prices are much higher there.

I’m looking forward to meeting some interesting people and hearing some interesting stories.  I hope some of those stories will enrich my writing.  I enjoy traveling, but haven’t been able to do any in years.  I don’t expect I’ll get to do any sightseeing since the thingiee schedules plus transit time will fill most of my days.  Such is life.

But I’ll have reading material along, and some notebooks to work on my writing, and the internet through my phone so maybe I’ll have the chance to drop a few things on my blog here and my Facebook author page as well.  The Greyhound rides alone will give me a nice chunk of writing time, so I’m hoping aside from the school-y enrichment I will get a step closer to building enough new wordage to let me complete a new collection of stories soon.

No matter what happens, this ought to be interesting.  Traveling on a shoestring always is.  Here’s hoping nothing goes terribly wrong. 🙂


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