The Great Easter Chavez Google Bing Twitter Flap of ’13

Today, one of the bigger Twitter flaps… and apparently a flap in general among USA right-political-wing conservative types of the blogosphere… has been that today, on Easter, Google has an image of Cesar Chavez in honor of Cesar Chavez Day (March 31) instead of something Easter-y in favor of Easter.  So there has been a great cry for conservatives to shun Google and flock to the proud conservative banner of Bing, which page is displaying an array of Easter eggs today.

Which makes me chuckle.  Here’s why:

One: this flap is partially religious in nature, and although Cesar Chavez was definitely politically left and therefore conservatives in general aren’t big fans of him, he was quite the religious sort and worked closely with his fellow Christians who did agree with his politics and stated time and time again that his inspiration in activism was Jesus Christ.  Now, I’m not a religious guy at all and I don’t share the beliefs that Cesar Chavez held, but I have great respect for what he did with his religious beliefs.  He said he believed in a figure who told his followers to respect and care for the less fortunate, and to act with love and peace, and he walked the walk; he didn’t just talk a good game.  He lived it.  I respect his self-honesty and I respect his attempt to be good to other humans—he seems to have done a pretty good job at it.  So here we have the spectacle of Christians on Twitter talking trash about a guy who tried to live his Christianity, over politics.  That’s a nice start.

Two: Bing is displaying Easter eggs.  Well, those are a pagan symbol of fertility associated with the pagan festival of Eostre.  Yep, that symbol, along with the fertile bunny, got carried along with the Christian Easter holiday.  But it’s certainly not Christian.  While the right wing of Twitter is complaining that Google doesn’t have a Christian display today, well, Bing doesn’t either.

Three: Bing is a Microsoft company.  Bill Gates is the founder and current chairman of Microsoft.  Bill Gates is an atheist and both he and Microsoft have made donations in support of campaigns to gain legal recognition for gay marriages—notoriously a cause that conservative US Christians are opposed to.

So Bing it up, guys.  You make me laugh so hard.


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