Busy With Babies

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in an unusually long time.

I have a perfectly good… PERFECTLY good, I say… explanation.

We’ve been expecting a baby any minute now, and have been convinced, constantly, for two weeks, that the little guy was going to make his appearance ANY MOMENT.

He’s a tricky little scamp.

We’re in the hospital right now, me and my wife and my teen (step)son, waiting as labor is being induced.  Our 2 year old is with trusted friends until his little brother is born.

I’ve been too distracted to write much of anything.  Now, somehow, sitting in this room watching the contractions go by and realizing there are probably a couple or few more hours to go, I can write.

The human mind is a funny thing.  Now that it’s happening, I’m calm.  For the previous two weeks when nothing was happening, I was a nervous wreck.  Go figure.


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I write about my science fiction and fantasy writing--and plenty of other things--at sabarton.com

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