Told You So, New Baby Edition

Here’s my little blogging delay, 9 lbs and 1 oz of brand new baby boy named Cuinn.  He was born late on the night of the 17th and we’ve been busy ever since adjusting to his new presence.  We’re not the only ones adjusting.  His two big brothers, 15 and 2, are adjusting as well.

On the writing front, I’ve managed a few hundred words on a promising little short story about aliens, death, love, duty, and flowers—working title, “The Flowers of Dawn”.  I know that’s a sadistically tiny teaser for anything, but I’m not sure where it’s going yet and most of my attention is on, you know, domestic stuff.  I’m also not saying more about that story because as those of you who write probably know, sometimes a promising story stalls and goes into the trunk or gets cannibalized into other stories, taken apart into ideas and recycled.

But that’s enough about writing.  I just wanted to do the thing all the cool new parents are doing and tell you how awesome I think our new baby is.

He’s awesome.  And he still has that new baby smell.

Aren’t you jealous?




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