It’s Easier to Write Aliens

So, I’ve been tinkering with this Flowers of Dawn story.  So far, a diplomat on leave following the death of her spouse has been befriended by an alien she’s previously only interacted with professionally.  The alien accompanies her to the graveyard.  She leaves a stone.  The alien leaves a… well, a green bean-thing.  I won’t go into what happens next, because I can’t swear it won’t change in editing.


But I’m not writing this to get into the plot.  I’m writing this because, as I was writing, I found myself thinking about my protagonist.  We’re so different.  Man, I hope I’m writing her well.  I mean, she’s human and I’m human, so we definitely have some common ground.  She’s definitely a product of Western culture, and so am I.  Okay, that’s good.


I’m definitely heading down diversity way in writing her, though.  I’m an atheist Caucasian straight male writer and, for the second time in my life, student.  I’ve never been an aspiring career guy.   And I’m writing a bereaved Jewish lesbian career diplomat.


Writing someone very culturally different than myself is a bit of a challenge.  Writing an alien is easy, I can just make it up as I go along.  But writing a very different human… well, that’s more challenging ground.  I’m not so worried about an alien showing up and saying I wrote it all wrong.  In fact, that would be awesome, I’d love to meet an alien in person.  At least, I would so long as it wasn’t one of the world-conquering humanity-enslaving types.  But I am a little concerned that when I publish this story, a Jewish lesbian career diplomat might just stop by to tell me I’m full of shit.


Oh, well.  At least with her being a diplomat, I can pretty much count on her doing it politely.


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