Dear Fruit Growers : Wrong Way

I’m eating apricots and I think: these are basically tiny peaches. But they have smoother flesh, they’re sweeter, they’re more flavorful than their larger cousins.

Same with cherries. Tiny plums, just way more delicious.

People like the giant Red Globe grapes, but they are bland and watery, if crisp. The modest Concord blows them away in flavor.

And yet producers breed for bigger fruit. Bigger and less delicious.

Where are the visionaries breeding for smaller, tastier fruit? Where are my tiny apricots the size of a dime and so delicious I’d collapse to the ground with my eyes rolled back into my head?


One thought on “Dear Fruit Growers : Wrong Way

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  1. As an occasional eldritch fruitbat, I think it borders on criminal that fruit growers are going for ease of consumption, in terms of individual fruit size, rather than the taste of the fruit. It would be worth it to have a little less convenience in nomming more delicious munchables.

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