Free on Amazon Through Saturday May 25th 2013



It’s freebie time. The Everything Is So Different Now -and- Revolting double anthology is free on Amazon through Saturday May 25th.


I see this as a chance to persuade everyone out there to take a look at 10 of my short stories and see if you like what I do.  I think there’s an excellent chance that you will, especially if you favor the science fiction/speculative fiction genres.  What I aim at is writing a good story, not fitting in a genre necessarily.  If you enjoy good stories but don’t normally read science fiction…


…why not give it a look anyhow?  It’s FREE.


Please read and enjoy.  🙂


About Tao23

I write about my science fiction and fantasy writing--and plenty of other things--at

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  1. It’ll add it to my blog FREEBIES 🙂

  2. phoenixrisesagain

    Hi there a little thank you to you for following my old blog on my new blog 🙂

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