3 From The Edge


Edit 6/11/13: Now available from Amazon.

6/16/13:  It just went live on Kobo.

6/26/13: Time got away from me… checking now: it’s on Diesel, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Sony Reader Store as well.


New story time again.  This time, I had 2 short stories and 1 piece of flash fiction.  Together, they add up to about 6500 words.  I couldn’t see asking 99 cents for them individually, but together I think it’s a pretty reasonable deal.

The title speaks to the nature of the stories.  Each depicts a turning point in history, something that wrought or will wreak gigantic changes that will touch every life on Earth.

I think you’ll like them.  You can find 3 From The Edge at Smashwords, and I’ll update here as it becomes available from other outlets.

Have fun reading!


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