Operation Moon The NSA

Preface: this is childish.  I still like it.  I encourage those of you who use Twitter to use the #OperationMoonTheNSA hashtag.


Here’s what I’m talking about, in a series of my recent tweets kicked off by my passing along a message from @RevBobMIB:




Here’s a link to the petition that Robert ‘RevBob’ Hood was referring to.  Signing it is probably WAY more effective than my followup of a crudely rendered facsimile of a butt.


Not sure what I’m talking about?  It has been recently confirmed, what many suspected: the NSA archives pretty much everything every single US citizen does via any sort of telecommunication.

Info link 1: Wikipedia on NSA monitoring program PRISM.

Info link 2: The Washington Post shows us an NSA slideshow explaining NSA telecommunications eavesdropping.

Info link 3: A somewhat editorialized explanation at ExtremeTech.


In closing, I would like to add:   (_|_)




One thought on “Operation Moon The NSA

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  1. I personally think we should all photo-copy our arses and send them via snail mail to NSA headquarters. They want to see my stuff? Then I’ll give ’em a nice picture.

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