So, Smashwords Is Doing This Promotional Thing…

…so I added my four collections to the promotions list.  The Smashwords Summer/Winter (because it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, and Smashwords is international) promotion lasts the entire month of July, and the four collections pictured below are 50% off.  Which, in the case of the normally-99-cent Visions of Odd collection of flash fiction and vignettes, means FREE.

If you haven’t already picked some of these up, now’s your chance to get a bargain.

Links to each are provided right below this handy image of all four covers:




Important: use code SSW50 to receive your 50% discount.  This is also noted on the Smashwords page for each title to remind you.



Hunger is an anthology of short science fiction and fantasy stories. Each of them relates to the hungers that drive humanity–for food, for love, for power, for release from drudgery, or escape from times that have become too interesting. The stories in Hunger speak to the deep drives that move you, the appetites that lurk beneath the surface, struggling to emerge into the light.


Everything Is So Different Now

This collection contains stories and heroes dealing with big changes. From the end of the world to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, it’s all about the struggle to transcend… or merely to survive.



There are moments upon which the future hinges. No matter the outcome, the world is a different place after they pass. These stories are about those moments, and the people who rise to the occasion… for good or ill. These five stories will take you from the distant past into the far future, and from the depths to the heights of the human spirit.


Visions of Odd


A short anthology of eclectic pieces of flash fiction and vignettes, all speculative fiction, ranging from the edge of fantasy to the edge of the solar system.


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