Coming Soon: Pixel People

This will be my 40th title self-published through Smashwords, and I should have it finished up in a day or two.

It’s going to be a short one, maybe 2500 words.  So I’m going to make it FREE.

This is a prequel to another story, revealing part of the history of my novelette Adversary (Here on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony Reader Store, and Kobo).  Here’s the blurb for Adversary:

For ten thousand years, the people of the habitats have lived in fear of Adversary, the focus of evil in the solar system. One family, however, has grown to doubt the truth of the old tales. The four of them will challenge evil itself with nothing but a single shuttle and their heretical curiosity…

Pixel People takes place at least 10,000 years before Adversary.  It answers some questions, and perhaps brings up some new ones.  You know, just like any good story does.

I’ll add the link to Pixel People as soon as it’s published at Smashwords and add links to it at each retailer as it arrives.



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