Another Cover Redesign: Visions of Odd

I don’t know how many more of these redesigns of old covers I’m going to do.  I’m kind of attached to the covers I did a year or year and a half ago.  I’m kind of attached to the old cover for this one.  But it’s a bit clunky, and looks a little more like… well, like an amateur did it.  As expected.  I was an amateur then.  I am a somewhat more skilled amateur now.

Still, I love the new cover (which is the one on the right of the image below, if you hadn’t guessed).  I’m happy with my work, and with my progress.

If you’d like to actually read this ebook, it costs a buck ninety-nine and can be found at any of the fine retailers listed under ‘buy my books’ to your right.  Seven stories, all flash fiction and vignettes, about 8,400 words.  I think you’ll be pleased.



4 thoughts on “Another Cover Redesign: Visions of Odd

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  1. I know how you feel from my own experience with making fractals. Looking back at my very first images, my reaction is “Oh, my Ceiling Cat! It’s Hideous! Delete! Delete!” as contrasted with my more recent pieces, which make me think, “Hmmm. That could use some work, but it’s better than I expected.”

    In my recent reorganizing of my image files, I’ve decided to keep the ‘best of the worst’ in their own “Truly Awful” folder instead of just deleting them since I might just use them for something, even if only as cautionary reminders of my own pleistocene of fractal silliness.

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