Coming Soon: Isolation

So, I have a new anthology in the works, tentatively titled Isolation and other stories.  With a planned five stories, it should come in at a healthy 40,000 words… give or take a little.  A couple of the stories are awaiting endings (which I assure you, I am feverishly working on) and the other three are pretty much done, needing only a final read-over for errors and tweaks.

Maybe, between now and then, I will put out another free flash or very short story.  But my main focus is on this new anthology.

The five planned stories, in alphabetical order, with mini-blurbs:

Anticipation: An alien-invasion yarn, in which the aliens are considerably more mysterious than usual in this sort of story.

Down on the Farm: A story of organlegging and semi-organized crime.  With thanks to Larry Niven for coming up with the idea of organleggers.

The Flowers of Dawn: In which a cultural and ecological misunderstanding escalates into the creation and attempted genocide of a new species.

Isolation: A computer error leads to a man encountering an improbable number of homeless people, and a conspiracy among them.

Turn Me On: A soldier receives a total body prosthesis after being wounded in battle.  Life without biochemistry proves challenging indeed.



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  1. Wow. I totally misremembered “Patchwork Girl” as Farmer. Bad me. Looking forward to reading your collection.

    You know what happens to people who actually deal in bootleg body parts (not organs, more like skin, bone and tendons)? They make sure they are cremated. True.

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