Blog Block

Writer’s block is something a lot of writers talk and blog about, I’ve noticed.  I’ve seen dozens of blog posts and articles on the subject, with hundreds of suggestions about what to do about it.  Take a break from writing.  Don’t take a break from writing.  Write about something you don’t usually write about.  Write more of the same.  Worry about it.  Don’t worry about it.

I have times when I hit a point in a story and I don’t know what comes next, but it’s pretty rare that I just can’t write.  If nothing is coming I knock off for the day and when the next day comes I get back into it.

What I get is blogger’s block.  I know I don’t have to get it.  It’s all in my head.  Because I get into a certain idea of what a blog post should be and I fixate on it.  When I stop fixating, it’s no trouble at all to write a blog post.  I’m writing this less for you and more for myself, to reinforce in my own mind through the process of blogging the reasons that I don’t need to have blogger’s block, in fact.

My fixation: I get it into my head that a blog post ought to be headed with a nice image, be a certain length, have a certain tone to it.  That it should be relatively serious and address some sort of issue.

If you blog and your blog is about a particular issue and is a serious blog, then that’s fine and that’s how your blog should be.

This blog isn’t, particularly.  This is a space for my own thoughts, for occasional randomness, on occasion for my actual writing, for musing about my process, my past, and my environment.  It’s for just about anything, thus the title of the blog.

When I forget that and start to put bounds around what I think I should put here, I get blocked.  I suspect writer’s block works the same way as what I’m calling blogger’s block.  We all have our own bounds, some justified and some arbitrary assumptions.  It’s up to each of us to figure out what we’re putting in our own way that is arbitrary, and figure out how to move past it.


Best of luck.


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