What’s With the Pretzel Buns?

Pretzel buns seem to be the new fast-food and not-so-fast food fad.  You want a bun that tastes vaguely like the cousin of a soft pretzel?  Okay, fine.  Whatever.

The pretzel-bunned burgers billed as totally awesome because of their amazing pretzel buns, though… that misses the mark.

A burger or a sandwich is about the filling.  The bread is a sideshow.  It can be a delicious sideshow.  The sideshow can change the way you taste the main event, enhance it.  But the advertisements I’ve seen reverse that.  They’re all about the wow holy shit it’s kinda like a pretzel oh nom nom nom and the patty and trimmings and condiments are just kind of there to prop up those two halves of the pretzel buns and keep them from touching each other for some reason.  Maybe it’s like Ghostbusters where you can’t cross the streams.  Don’t cross the buns, it’ll be terrible.  Which makes me wonder how we can get away with something called ‘hot cross buns’ without a catastrophe befalling us, but that’s a different subject.

In any event: burgers and sandwiches shouldn’t be about what’s outside first and what’s inside second.  Sort of like people.


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