Titles #44 and #45

Screenshot Smashwords list BOTCJust the top of the list on Smashwords… 4.5 listings, to be exact. Just a tenth of the whole list. 🙂

I just finished publishing my 44th and 45th titles on Smashwords.  I shared the covers with you two posts ago… so if you haven’t seen them, go look!

Or look here, in the list of my titles on Smashwords, where you can get them if you’d like.  Spoken Wood is free, Blood on the Corn is 99 cents.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’ve actually designed 45 ebook covers, much less that I’ve written all these stories.  If I’m counting right, including the stories in the Hunger and Isolation and Other Stories collections that aren’t published separately, I’ve now finished and published 57 distinct stories, from flash fiction to novellas.

I have more in the works, and a whole bunch of one-line jotted ideas that may or may not become new stories in the future.  I’m grateful to have a fertile imagination.

I’m grateful when others get to share that imagination and enjoy it.  If you choose to read some of my stories, good! …and I’d love to hear from you.


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