Ice Age, Space Age



One of the things I’ve been working on as a side project along with all the writing has been working out collections so I can publish all of the ebook singles I’ve published in print form.  And, as a side effect, have ebook collections available that contain ALL of my stories for those who prefer just to pick up a few collections instead of having 50 individual short stories on their ereaders.

I’m not quite at 50 individual short stories, but I’m getting close.  Probably 40 published separately — though I have around 60 actual stories.  Some are bundled in ebook form, like ‘Looks Like God’ which is bundled with ‘Bullets For Buddha’ and the five stories in the ‘Isolation and Other Stories’ collection which are not published individually.   But anyways: new collection on the way, in print and ebook.  ‘Ice Age, Space Age’ contains 13 stories previously only available as singles or as part of the ‘Visions of Odd’ ebook-only mini-collection.

I’ll be setting up the collection page for ‘Ice Age, Space Age’ in a few days, for now it’s available at Smashwords as an ebook, and I’m waiting for Createspace to send me an email telling me (I hope) that the files are all approved so I can release the print edition.  From Smashwords, the ebook version will take about two weeks to reach all of the various distributors like Apple and Kobo.  If past experience is a guide, Barnes & Noble should have the paperback available within a week of it being approved by Createspace.

How do I keep track of all this?   Mostly I just boggle at it and thank goodness that I keep track of it on my blog and at the distributor websites for frequent reminders.  One day maybe I’ll be successful enough to pay someone else to keep track.

Stay tuned.


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