A Departure From the Norm: the Michael Dunn Loud Music Shooting Verdict in Florida

I don’t often do news and/or politics here, but for some things I make an exception.

I’ve been sort-of-following the latest trial du jour, the whole nasty mess down in Florida with this Michael Dunn guy who fired a pistol into a carload of teenagers who were playing their music very loud.  As far as I can tell, he approached the car to bitch about their music, then decided he felt threatened–probably after being told to bug off–and opened fire on the four teens, killing one.

The jury returned a verdict that damn near made me do a spit-take with my coffee, it was so weird.

They found him guilty of firing a gun into an occupied vehicle.  Okay, check.  Makes sense.

They found him guilty of three counts of attempted murder for the three teens in the car who were not hit by his gunfire.  Check again.  Sensible.

They couldn’t arrive at a decision in the case of the kid who was shot and died.

What the hell?  

That can’t be right.  Let me re-read what I read.

The jury decided Michael Dunn attempted to murder the three kids he shot at and didn’t hit, but can’t figure out if he murdered the one he shot at and killed.

That ranks very, very high on the list of stupid things I’ve heard.  Florida jury, did you lose your mind?  I wish I could help you find it, you ridiculous people.




CNN’s article on the Michael Dunn verdict


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