Turn of Phrase: Ridiculous title followed by calling a beach names. Subtitle: oh, I sort of forgot I had a blog over here for a couple of weeks.

The subtitle: look, there’s a lot going on. It’s no excuse for letting the blog go for a couple of weeks with no love. It’s just what happened.


The ridiculous title: I’m playing with the beginnings of yet another story. I do that a lot. A few never get finished because I don’t like them. Most of them get started, sit around for a while, and get finished down the road when the beginning inspires an ending. I think it’s weird, but it’s how I work. I usually have 5 or 10 story starts sitting around, reading magazines in my waiting room, waiting to be finished. I promised you a ridiculous title, though. Here it is, my latest brainstorm: Kitty Itty and the Seawall Broke. It’s not a children’s story, but I can see why you’d think so. I’ll probably keep it. Something that weird has to be kept. It’s about a kid finding a kitten on the coast of North Carolina about a hundred years from now, when the rising ocean has chewed the barrier islands and small coastal towns and tourist industry all to hell.


The turn of phrase is the first line, which I like despite the odd conceit of calling a piece of scenery names: The beach across the dunes from New Moyock is a dirty bastard ghost. Believe it or not, I think I justify the description in the paragraphs that follow. It was fun trying, in any event.


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