Things I Can Do While Trapped Under a Breastfeeding Child

This is from my wife’s blog, so I see this sort of stuff ALL THE TIME. Many are the times that I have been dispatched to fetch her tea or snacks while she’s trapped under our children.

Cussing and Lactating

NursingVictor CuinnWhile Aleep
While pregnant with first child who turned seventeen yesterday I spent a lot (read most) of my time reading. I read about pregnancy, labor, baby names and of course breastfeeding. I knew I wanted to nurse but I wasn’t quite sure how this nursing thing worked. Was it going to hurt? I had no idea. I had actually never seen a woman breastfeed although I knew my mother had nursed both her kids.
But the one thing I was the most freaked out by was the idea that I would be able to go back to sleep when the baby was being fed. This seemed absurd! Naive old me didn’t know about basic biology and the gift of oxytocin. Commonly known as the love hormone, it is responsible for the lovely sleepy feeling while breastfeeding.
My second child Victor is what is termed a “high needs” child. For the first…

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