A Happy Future Earth


A little earlier, I wrote about pessimism in science fiction. Seemed like a nice idea to follow that up with an optimistic little story doodle.

(Untitled 100 word short-short)

The children gasp happily at the view as the shuttle door opens. They set up the picnic on matted needles under a gnarled pine by the beach. I snap pictures of the shoreline and rocks, hoping to compare them to the old paper snapshots my great-great-great grandfather took nearby.

In his snaps, there is a city here, half drowned in a rising sea. Today the sea has retreated again, and the cities are inland, underground; forest and grass and wild animals reclaim a world made mostly of natural beauty.

The dirty work is all in space; Earth is beautiful again.


2 thoughts on “A Happy Future Earth

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    1. That’s one possible future — and it sounds wonderful to me — of humans moving out into the solar system. Once there are a few million of us up there, it makes more sense to build things in orbital & asteroid habitats and drop them down to Earth than vice-versa.

      Automation may also increase the continuing trend for people to concentrate in cities on Earth.

      Add in what already seems like a clear trend historically: the less a people struggle to survive, the fewer children they tend to have.

      Given a couple or few centuries, maybe Earth will be vast parkland for a lower, stable population to enjoy gently rather than tear up for resources and dump trash in.

      It’s a beautiful possibility to contemplate.

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