Half the stars in the universe may exist outside of galaxies

An interesting thought. Still, galaxies themselves are small compared to the non-galaxy spaces around them; my semi-educated perception would be that if you place a pea representing a galaxy in the middle of the playing field in a sports stadium, the next galaxy is a pea somewhere beyond the stadium walls, perhaps a few streets over, sitting on someone’s coffee table. Lots of room for wandering stars.

I have used a rogue star as a passing setting in an as-yet unpublished story, “Dawn Across The Craze” — presented as a tourist destination. People come to see the utter dark of the night sky.

Maybe there would be more lights in that sky than I depicted, if this idea turns out to be accurate!


Every so often you get a reminder of how little we know about the universe: Rogue stars outside galaxies may be everywhere | Science/AAAS | News.

You’ve heard of rogue planets, floating through the universe untethered to any solar system. Now meet rogue stars, which drift through space with no galaxy to call home. A new study has come to the startling conclusion that as many as half of all stars in the universe may be rogue, having been ejected from their birthplaces by galaxy collisions or mergers.

The article goes on to discuss that this is just a possibility at this point.  Not everyone is convinced.

“We’ll have to confirm, but they are hard to accommodate with the star model,” he says. Also, he points out, if there is a huge population of stars outside galaxies, we should see a noticeable number of supernovas occurring out in…

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