Ted Cruz Just Outdid Ted Stevens For The Dumbest Thing A Politician Has Ever Said About The Internet

Yeah, Ted Cruz’s “net neutrality is Obamacare for the internet” blab is great as sloganeering, and it’s right on target so long as you don’t know what net neutrality means or how the internet works. As preaching to his choir, it’s great politics and I can only assume that making sure his polarized base stays nice and polarized is his goal.

As for people who have a clue as to what net neutrality means… I’m not quite sure how Cruz figures that letting Comcast and Time Warner Cable and Cox and et cetera decide that 1990s dialup speed standards are good enough for sites that don’t pay them a fat monthly toll for images that load in less than the time that it takes you to get up and make a fresh cup of coffee is a good thing. I mean, unless you consider that Comcast is a big contributor of his, and then it makes sense.

Mr. Cruz is a clever politician, if nothing else. He’s sold a few million people on the necessity of buying a knife to cut their own online throats.


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