Sixty-nine, Seventy, SEVENTY-ONE: Today I Feel Accomplished — I Published Three New Titles




Look at those beautiful covers!

All three are available right now at Smashwords. They’ll be coming soon to all the other sellers in the right sidebar. In addition to that, Not Gruntled will be available in paperback through Createspace; shortly after it’s up there, it will be distributed to Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well.

Not Gruntled is a collection of 21 previously-released short stories ranging from flash through about 12,000 words. The stories range from the present day to the far future, and I bet you can guess what the unifying theme is.

It Could Be Anyone is a free short story about an elder woman and the strange visions that make her life both difficult and meaningful.

To Labor No More is a fun little yarn about the future of labor in a mechanized future; while the coming robot labor revolution might make work easier, there are few innovations that don’t come with a downside. In this story, I take a look at what that downside might be.

I hope you enjoy them all!


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