July’s Flash Fiction For Patrons: PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH

Every month on Patreon, I post a piece of microfiction or flash just for Patrons — even contributing one thin dollar. Because every buck is precious to a writer in the early stages of his career. And often later, as well.

The post is here, and I’ll put a teaser paragraph or two below, because I’m nice like that.


Put It In Your Mouth

S.A. Barton

“Go on, do it.” We were in her basement, dark under a single dim reading lamp, on a slouchy swaybacked couch her dad’s frat probably all puked on thirty years ago. Musty.

“It’s not even cooked, Pagan.” The little morsel sat on a matte black saucer, cheap plastic square everyone printed stacks of to avoid loading the dishwasher. The meat was dull pink, a pink that said I’m not alive anymore, I never was really alive if you think about it, I’ll be all gray tomorrow wait and see. Hardly like meat at all: a cut piece of breast from an actual breathing chicken looks real, real as it ought to for a hundred and thirty five bucks a kilo. A cut piece of chicken breast is perky, it stands up, rich pink pinker than cotton candy, got verve—I lived.

I shot a look at the basement stairs. Dark, shadows, black; door still closed at the top, razor of dim kitchen illum at ten percent nightlight mode. Quiet house, asleep.

I prodded Pagan’s little half-pink lump. It fell over, too small to make a sound.

“Put it in your mouth,” she said…

…and the rest is over on Patreon. You should read it, it’s fun.


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