SciFi News Network 2272: 3 Select and 44 Slaves Killed in Mine Collapse


The Sparrow’s Fall

August 17, YOOL 2272

Weekly Newsletter of the Hampton Roads Archipelago

Province of Tidewater, Kingdom of Eastern Virginia

Isaac Childofgod A.P.

     Less than an hour before the end of the workday on Satursday August 10th, Selectmen Citizens Aaron Israel, Seraph Churchbell, Jerusalem Lordly, and Noah Prayerful were finishing work deep under the landfill mine of Trashmore in the borough of Virginia Beach, satisfied with their week’s work excavating a rich vein of Ancients’ electronic devices and plastics. They and their slaves were looking forward to a restful Sabbathday.

     Little did they know that above them, an older abandoned tunnel’s timbers had become waterlogged and rotten (according to Royal Architect Samson Redsea, who investigated the scene). The collapse of the tunnel above caused the ceiling to in turn collapse upon the toiling Select and slaves. Debris as large as Ancients’ laundry machines rained down upon the hapless laborers. Only Noah, who reacted immediately upon hearing the commotion above, and five of his slave coffle survived the collapse.

     “I shouted an alarm to the others even as merciful Jesus sped my retreat to freedom,” Noah said, “but they only looked on in confusion. I lost two-thirds of my coffle, an awful blow to the finances of our family. His mercy be praised that He did not see fit to call me home as he called my fellow Select and all of their chattel. I do not know His purpose, but I have pledged Pilgrimage to the Holy Land to discover why I was spared. My son Isaiah will take up the mining trade in my stead during the years that the travel will take.”

     Work has already begun to re-excavate the collapsed mine section, as the vein of Ancients’ materials was a rich one and Royal Architect Redsea believes that more wealth remains in that single vein than has already been extracted in half a year’s labor.


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