Thirteen Word Story: Playing God

Playing God.png

(This post first appeared on my Patreon page on 04 FEB 2016 — you can see my posts before anyone else by becoming a patron, even for a single buck per month! Plus you get a free PDF of any short story I publish THIRTY DAYS before anyone else, even if I charge for the ebook!)


The story on the image (and please feel free to save and share the image as you’d like) is a take on the venerable Frankenstein story, which is a take on the infinitely more venerable Golem story, which is probably even older than the tale of the Garden of Eden, maybe even older than the tale of Prometheus.


At their roots, they’re all the same story. The thing we create or wish for takes on a life and will of its own. Perhaps for good, perhaps for ill, most often for both — the story of the Monkey Paw, the wish that takes an unexpected and usually detrimental turn, goes hand in hand with the Golem.


As I’ve written it, my story gathers in a few social trends, both US and worldwide. The first and most popular is sex. Itself it’s not exactly a “trend” — people have been having sex for quite a while, I hear. The integration of technology with sex has taken on a life of its own, however, even though it dates back thousands of years to the discovery of the dildo. There’s something called “teledildonics” that has been knocking around for a decade or so — remote sexual contact, sex via computer. Combine that with AI, robotics, and the “RealDoll”, a full-sized realistic artificial human form usually but not exclusively built for sex, you can figure it’s only a matter of time before humans are having sex with androids.


As for how an android might impregnate an android — well, that’s up to your imagination. But for many a desired outcome of a sexual relationship is progeny, and where there’s a will a way is often eventually invented.




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