Tweeting From Mars SUCKS

In my @Tao23 S.A. Barton Twitter identity, I sometimes trade words with good people and friends of science fiction well outside my time zone on the east coast of the USA — people in the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

Even that little difference of night/day cycle and a few hours of displacement in waking hours sometimes leads to conversations that often have hours between one tweet and the next and can stretch over two or three days.

Imagine trying to tweet from Mars, where in addition to planetary time zones potentially creating that I’m-awake-you’re-asleep problem, you have to deal with time delays ranging up to 20 minutes for your tweet to travel through interplanetary space?

And let’s not even talk about tweeting with Titan City or, gawd forbid, Tombaugh Station located in the scenic Heart of Pluto.

If your curiosity is whetted, here’s a Medium post from science and tech journalist Duncan Geere that digs considerably deeper into what it would take to create an interplanetary internet.


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