(Why am I posting on this particular subject? because maybe other people in total hip replacements will find it helpful. Because my hip is fake as vox day.)

I have only skimmed a few of the articles this search turned up, but I think I found the most useful information about how to increase the strength and flexibility of an artificial hip. And of course now, 6 months after my total hip replacement, I finally think of doing this particular search. I mean I looked at a couple general sites for athletes and they were very helpful, what’s the Kung Fu search is probably the best for my money.

I can’t wait for hopefully 25 years from now when my present replacement starts to wear out, they have better than natural bionic hips that they can throw in there. Or just yank the thing out, and regrow the bone in the leg well I lay in the hospital bed for three days. Hopefully, while having the money to order lavish meals from a meal delivery service that uses autonomous cars and autonomous pseudo-AI (what word can I make up or find for a neuter android or gynecoid)


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