The Shadow Knows…

... that aliens, apparently, live among us.


Baby Schnitzel

To begin let me clear up some ambiguity in the title: this is about making small schnitzel, not about how to make schnitzel out of babies. If you're here for the latter, I'm sorry you have to leave disappointed. So: I discovered today why my mom and grandma always made these little bitty schnitzel barely big enough... Continue Reading →

So I Was Talking To Some Luddites

      Luddites are both annoying and fascinating. They have the corner of a legitimate argument: technology has the potential to f**k us up royally. Yes, yes it does. I'm a Cold War kid. I remember watching The Day After. I read (and sometimes write) dystopias. I'm a friggin' science fiction fan and writer, fer... Continue Reading →

The Luna Moth Has Landed

Me & my two little ones (3&5) came out to grill. This was waiting for us: Just hanging out on the handrail of our front step. Very cool. So Luna is minding her business and we're minding ours. UNTIL... Uh... you shouldn't be there... No, don't go MORE toward my back, what are you thinking...... Continue Reading →

The Most Stylish Tinfoil Hat EVAR

So, yeah. Crowdfunding for a hat to guard your head from electromagnetic rays. The copy on the kickstarter caters to the casual worrier about various electromagnetic effects entering the skull, but you can bet the hardcore conspiracy theorist will be happy to have access to a mind control ray blocking hat that looks like a... Continue Reading →

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