13 Word Story: Pyrrhus Would Be Proud

Things are already getting worse climate-wise. We've had a string of hottest years ever. The average global temperature is rising. Polar ice and mountain glaciers are waning. Tundra is melting, and releasing more greenhouse gases. The complex weather systems of Earth are becoming chaotic and less predictable--as climate change theory predicts (a theory is a... Continue Reading →


13 Word Story: Infamous Leaders

I bet you can guess who the reality show POTUS is. Hopefully this won't come to pass--but let's not underestimate the foolishness of our leadership at the moment. If it does happen, I bet the first communication from the hiding-from-disaster presidential bunker will include a brag about his war having the best ratings ever. (This... Continue Reading →

Snow Time To Panic

So today (Wednesday the 3rd of this brave new world of 2018) I had a mental healthcare appointment to keep (no emergencies -- in fact, I've been feeling better than I have for the past 3 or 4 years). I first set up these appointments when the family car was working, but because I am... Continue Reading →

Thread: Mental Health, Money Stress, And It’s Hard Out Here For A Writer

        https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/941108294189449216       https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/941108295330344960   https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/941108296370589697     https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/941108297754730498 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/941108298740391936 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/941108299616997376 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/941108300564877312 https://twitter.com/Tao23/status/941108301814738945 So, there's today's peek into my psyche. Maybe there are some clues there into why I often write about alienation and deprivation and internal turmoil. I don't know, it's so subtle...  O.O

Flash Fiction: Meet The Thunder

This is, uh, a thing. A thing I wrote. A thing that's not really a story, thought there's plenty of story suggested before it and around it and after it. And something, after all, happens in it. So it's story-ish. It felt pretty good to write it. It's got a hefty dose of autobiography in... Continue Reading →

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