Bennies Of Self-Publishing: I Get To Play By My Own Rules

I get to make up words... ...and invent my own punctuation rules... ...And write the titles the way I want them. It's fun!


Urban Nature, Write?

We live in the middle of either a medium-large metro of close to two million people or seven mid-sized cities jammed shoulder to shoulder around the area where the James River empties into the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. It depends who you ask. We've long been a family to enjoy a walk. Being temporarily... Continue Reading →

2067: First Major Metro Goes Off National Electric Grid I've taken up tweeting from the future, example above, in addition to my usual political-writing-SciFi-whatevs antics @Tao23. It keeps me thinking to turn out those tweets on a semi-regular basis. And the tweets can make a great nucleus for future SciFi News Network posts here, AKA my futurist "predictions." Older posts are formatted to look... Continue Reading →

The Life Of The Dead (An Essay From The Future)

(Original appearance on my Patreon page, 04 July 2017) To understand our ancestors and the Natural Lifers, voluntary and involuntary, throughout the Solar System, you must understand first that they are all dead. For our pre-Longevity ancestors, that's literally true. But I mean something  more profound than a simple observation of the state of being... Continue Reading →

The Triumph Of The Won’t

  In the best of Trump voters, there's deep and intense dissatisfaction. A feeling that anything must be better than the politics of our memory, whether that memory is the few years of the 18 year old first time voter or the several decades of the elder Trump voter. In many, I think, there's an... Continue Reading →

A new installment of Broken Rice… available! I'll update this page as it appears in various venues. So far it's at Amazon and Smashwords. This is the fourth of six or seven installments depending on how things go while I'm writing the conclusion -- one consequence of my outline-and-planning-free writing style is that I'm not often good at predicting final... Continue Reading →

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