Bennies Of Self-Publishing: I Get To Play By My Own Rules

I get to make up words... ...and invent my own punctuation rules... ...And write the titles the way I want them. It's fun!


Turn of Phrase: Soda Pop Bottles and/or Gophers

I'd love to have an image here, but I can't find a decent non-copyrighted one. If you'd like to see the machine described, plug "Vendo 81" into your favorite search engine's image search.   This is a sentence fragment from a short story I'm working on; the protagonist is seeing ghosts of vending machines past.... Continue Reading →

Turn of Phrase #1

Why not post when I come up with a turn of phrase that particularly tickles me during my writing adventures?  Maybe this will turn into a little impromptu series like my 'snippets', which are short excerpts from rough drafts.  They have their own category so you can find them all in one place if you... Continue Reading →

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