Autonomous Car Trouble I'm noticing an aspect of the discussion around autonomous cars that's a little unsettling because it underlines an attitude I'm struggling to come to grips with in my own beady little mind. Devil's advocacy without a strong focus on solutions. Look, we don't always have solutions. We do need critical voices to point out... Continue Reading →


(Why am I posting on this particular subject? because maybe other people in total hip replacements will find it helpful. Because my hip is fake as vox day.) I have only skimmed a few of the articles this search turned up, but I think I found the most useful information about how to increase the... Continue Reading →

Commander Kitty Is Unsure… to whether or not he digs his new digs. We humans, though, ARE sure. This is a definite improvement! I've been silent here for a while. We've been moving. Goodbye 1968 sub-single-wide trailer home with slowly collapsing floors and significant amounts of black mold. Hello 2nd floor apartment with balconies in a 100+ year... Continue Reading →

Short Story Review: What is Eve?

What is Eve? by Will McIntosh appears in the April 2018 issue of Lightspeed Magazine.And before I go farther, spoiler warning: I'm probably going to spoil one reveal or another because A) I *do* want to talk about the story and B) as a person not bothered much by spoilers I sometimes don't realize I'm... Continue Reading →


If you haven't already seen it, the largest grasshopper I have seen in the city in many years is perched on the brown cattail in the foreground. On what the "let's spite the liberals by pooping where we eat" crowd would call a 'hippie-dippy waste of money,' a patch of wetland the size of a... Continue Reading →

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