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Closer Than You Think – 2016

Closer Than You Think is a journey from the near future — self-driving cars, automation, 3D printing — to the far future where, who knows? houses may own humans or climate change might force the last of humanity to take shelter deep under the ocean. No aliens, but the farther forward we go, the more alien the human beings get!

Isolation And Other Stories – 2013

Isolation is a collection of stories about being alone, of being cast out, of losing their humanity in their own eyes or others’, and what they have to do to survive. There’s organ bootlegging, flower-alien-zombies, computer-generated homelessness, and more.

Ice Age, Space Age – 2014

Ice Age, Space age is a collection of thirteen stories previously released as ebook singles, together under a single cover (many are now only available in the collection — the singles have been withdrawn. Makes the collection a bit more worth having, eh?). The stories range from the most recent ice age to farther in the future than the human race is now from the dawn of civilization — strange times, strange people; but however removed in time the people in these stories may be, their basic humanity still shines through. An ice age tribe struggles to make sense of a visitor from the sky on one extreme, and a family bucks centuries of religious dogma to visit their forbidden ancestral home on the other. A lot more happens between the two!

Hunger – 2013

Hunger is a collection of short science fiction and fantasy stories. Each of them relates to the hungers that drive humanity–for food, for love, for power, for release from drudgery, or escape from times that have become too interesting. The stories in Hunger speak to the deep drives that move you, the appetites that lurk beneath the surface, struggling to emerge into the light. A fast food worker challenges the executive suite and learns a horrifying secret, a widower discovers strange dreams locked within the tomatoes from his garden, food pleads for its life leading a woman to seek out her roots, and much more!

Visions Of Odd – 2012

A short collection of flash fiction and vignettes, ranging from the edge of fantasy to the edge of the solar system. See an Earth groaning under the weight of a hundred billion people, eat endangered species without endangering a thing, watch the survivors of the apocalypse wait, numbers dwindling, for a computer to give them permission to have children. Visions Of Odd contains 7 stories totaling about 8400 words.

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