Visions Of Odd


A short anthology of flash fiction and vignettes, all speculative fiction, ranging from the edge of fantasy to the edge of the solar system. Visions Of Odd contains 7 stories totaling about 8400 words.


Below, there is a blurb for each story.  You can find the collection at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books (coming soon, but not there yet — sorry!), iTunes Bookstore, Kobo, and Smashwords.

If you do purchase a copy of Visions Of Odd, I hope you’ll consider going back after you’re done reading to post a review.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a self-published writer, it’s that reviews are a very big deal indeed.


All Flesh Is Grass

When a producer of cloned meat gets tired of the business, things get either odd or delicious. You decide which.


Fermi Person Omniscient

A pair of saurian scientists make a startling discovery about the relationship between intelligence and the nature of the universe, and answer the eternal question, “are we alone?” in the process.



Find out what the ‘Long Dragon Slumber Trading Company’ is, and what it has to do with why you’re so damned tired all the time.


Consent Of The Governed

Here’s what happens when the computer that governs all human beings decides that nobody needs to have children anymore.


Mine Of Men

A vignette that surveys the centuries following the invention of a cheap immortality treatment, and the struggle of humanity to keep from drowning under its burgeoning population.


The Circle Of Grass

As all of humanity gathers into cities, there are a very few who remain outside, to live as their ancestors did, close to the soil.  But in every people, there are some who are restless, who dream of doing things differently…

Ignorance Of The Law

When a pack of backwoods local yokels begin to lumber toward civilized space in their slapped-together warp speed jalopy, a working-Joe cop has to take action. He soon finds himself in the eternal dilemma of the policeman on the beat: how to strike a balance between justice and enforcing the letter of the law?

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