Yes, I made a full size ‘ebook cover’ for my Patreon campaign. Because making ebook covers is part of what I do as a self-published author. Also, it was fun.

You can see the full Patreon page HERE.

The short version: you get to see most of my posts here before they’re posted here, you get my ebooks thirty days before they’re available for sale and for free even if I charge elsewhere, AND you get to help a self published indie writer become a success story.

I, with your help, get to move the HELL OUT OF THE TRAILER PARK man I hope you can help me do it SOON.

Seriously, give me a hand, here. I can’t do it without readers and patrons. I need you.

Below is what it looks like over there:

00 Why is this guy on Patreon

That’s the head of my ‘why I’m here’ post on Patreon. Kindly go take a look, please!



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