I Published A New Collection And I Liked It

Fine, okay, there were some bits that are never fun. Like building an ebook table of contents or going through a bunch of stories written in standard manuscript format and deleting all the tabs so they won't screw up the ebook. But yeah, I liked it. There are 21 science fiction stories in there, arranged... Continue Reading →


“One More For The Road” — Learning to drive in a future where nobody knows how to drive

Yes, this one is about acquiring an archaic skill that nobody needs -- driving an uncomputerized car in a time when cars not only drive themselves, but have no user-accessible steering wheel, accelerator, brake, not even a switch for the headlights. Where your car not only drives you, but it also comes to your side... Continue Reading →

Brittany And Dustin Are Free…

...or at least the happy little solarpunk short-short they star in is free! I have often said that I hope that someone -- anyone, government or private or whatever -- builds a really decent retirement home on the moon or in geosynchronous orbit or at L5 in time for me to retire to it. This... Continue Reading →

My Name Is Gerald

No, it's not.  My name isn't Gerald, of course.  But my newest short story, My Name Is Gerald, is now available. Here's the blurb: Gerald is a lonely man, a shut-in who spends his time dreaming and watching the skies over his rural Nebraska hometown on the eve of the quincentennial. What he observes in... Continue Reading →

I Can Has Book

(Edit 1/25:  The book is now available on Createspace. Woo-hoo!)   Today, the proof copies of my Hunger anthology arrived. It is, of course, still available in ebook form from just about any of the links to the right of this post with the possible exception of Collins Booksellers of Australia which seems to have... Continue Reading →

I Suppose It Could Be The Title

Bullets for Buddha has been on Amazon since February 2012.  75% of the copies that have sold there have been sold in the last 3 weeks.  I'm not sure why.  Is is just because the word 'bullet' and the word 'Buddha' really don't go together, so it makes people look twice? Is it just because... Continue Reading →

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