“What Was I Thinking,”

is the thought that goes through my head when I look to the past, especially when it comes to my writing. Maybe it's a version of impostor syndrome. Maybe it's performance anxiety, in which it's easy to think the worst about one's own work. Maybe it's... Well. It probably owes to many factors. But creatives... Continue Reading →


Relax, Writer!

Poor Bodhidharma is really getting a workout. I have a certain amount of trouble relaxing. Burning some nice incense is one of many ways I attempt to deal with that; as you can see, my incense burning dish really gets a workout. It's more than a problem relaxing. It's a manifestation of my inner perfectionist. I have... Continue Reading →

Indie Writer, Hat #2

When I started self-publishing, I had a few stories saved up. I had been writing for a few months, and shopping around a few of the stories to magazines and e-zines. I collected a bunch of rejections, and a few rejection-plus-please-send-mores. Which was encouraging, those last usually mean 'I like your writing, but I have... Continue Reading →

Child Full of Stars

Child Full of Stars is the 36th ebook I have published with Smashwords.   It is free.   Go read it.  You don't even need an e-reader or e-reader app.  You can view the thing as a webpage if you want, by choosing the 'HTML' option.  It's about 2,500 words, you can finish it while... Continue Reading →

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