Flash Fiction: Meet The Thunder

This is, uh, a thing. A thing I wrote. A thing that's not really a story, thought there's plenty of story suggested before it and around it and after it. And something, after all, happens in it. So it's story-ish. It felt pretty good to write it. It's got a hefty dose of autobiography in... Continue Reading →


Turn of Phrase: Ridiculous title followed by calling a beach names. Subtitle: oh, I sort of forgot I had a blog over here for a couple of weeks.

The subtitle: look, there's a lot going on. It's no excuse for letting the blog go for a couple of weeks with no love. It's just what happened.   The ridiculous title: I'm playing with the beginnings of yet another story. I do that a lot. A few never get finished because I don't like... Continue Reading →

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