It’s Gargoyle Laundry Day… the old homestead. Hard to find a quiet moment.


Planning A New Collection For December!

I'd have posted a cover, but I don't have one yet. I may make one, or my stepson Erik may create one. He did the cover for Isolation and Other Stories and it came out great. 🙂 The working, 99.9% sure I'm using it, title is Closer Than You Think and I'm planning to have it ready... Continue Reading →

I Can Has Book

(Edit 1/25:  The book is now available on Createspace. Woo-hoo!)   Today, the proof copies of my Hunger anthology arrived. It is, of course, still available in ebook form from just about any of the links to the right of this post with the possible exception of Collins Booksellers of Australia which seems to have... Continue Reading →

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